Hello friend… Long ago didn’t write to you. You know interesting things I noticed, which is better if you can.

So… As I mentioned in the title, I don’t want to talk to you about Mr. Robot’s top 1%. This is a weird story for you, but I hope you read it. Sorry for the my incoherence, but this is a reality story.

The very big brain the world. They make as belive that money makes as happy, your staffs make you precious.

There is no compassion, no love, and the other mouths are just knocking cheese. The people live as robots, monotone and they are afraid of the mirrors because they see the real ourselves in it. Because of theese reasons the humanity won’t improve. We live in a small society.

The ,,love” is a very big brain hack because its about hormones like dopamin and we will be addicts. You say him or her ,,I love you” for first act. Older men are replacing their spouse with a younger girl for just a little pleasure.

Who is in the one percent?

We. Yes, we… and you who reads this. We are a people and we have feelings and we don’t forget. Think about it: you did idiotic thinks with your as girlfriend / boyfriend and after it you try to do thinks better with another, but you are afraid of yourself and what you did.

This is world we live in… People relying on each other’ s mistakes to manipulate one another and use one another, even relate to one another. A warm, messy circle of humanity. This is just a small morsel.

And why I write the badly post for you, dear friend? We see bad world… And as they guide you.

Kernel Panic