This is summer. The season of the beach, cocktails and under-dressed women… And of course, this is the season of camps! Yeah you read well, CAMPS! And what is it what should be in a nice camp for your kid? This is what this article about. Here you can find our list, this will answer all of your questions! Let’s rock!

1: Beer, wine and a lot of alcoholic drinks (just for over 18 years old children (WTF?! 18 years old children???)):


When I was very young (maybe 16-17) I was on a nice trip with my schoolmates and I was very very drunk beacuse of my classmate’s brutal hungarian drink called ,,pálinka”. It is a strong drink made of fruits and it is very nice for trips if you want to forget about this strange, idiot world as me! So if you want a good trip, just drink a lot! But don’t die please! It can be so dangerous!

2: Idiotic games like spin the bottle or similar:


Yes you saw that well. If you go to a camp, you will need idiotic games and a lot of idiots to play with them. You will like it I’m sure. But you need bottles. And if you need empty bottles, you need to drink. And if you drink, you will be drunk. And if you will be drunk, you would spin better than bottles. Human pinball… So funny…

3: Me… Yes, just me, the God, ArchMageOne:


If I will be there with you in a camp then you won’t need any other things because I am the master. I am the top of all mountains!!! Yeah! I am a drug, you will be my addict. You will fall in love with me even if you are a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter. I’m an entity and entities don’t have gender. So if you go to a summer camp I want to go with you!

4: Tea with lemon (again):


Yes, as I mentioned in my article about what you should do if you miss your ex girlfriend, the tea with lemon is a non-plus ultra what you will need for every little step in your life. This is the bible of fallen students and all people in the world. This is my bible… Oh tea with lemon… Now stay quiet for a minute… For a prayer…

5: A brutal PC with gigabit connection:


Nowadays you need a PC for almost everything. In a camp one of the most important things is to make idiotic selfies with idiots and after upload it to the Internet, share it with everybody to fill your empty life with others envy. But it is not as bad as it sounds. It is fantastic as everything… I’m sorry… I’m fed up with the voices in my head… I have to drink a tea…

So, as you see a camp is very very simple. Probably the simplest thing to do. It can be expensive but it doesn’t worth it because if you clear yourself from the creations of modernism, you will feel pure happiness. I’m sorry but I’m crazy… So crazy… So, thank you for your time, for your eyes… If you like our work, stay with us forever!