We are men and we often have problems in our relationships. We feel ourselves down so many times because of it because we have feelings as women too. This article has a very very serious topic as it mentioned above in the title. So, let’s talk about what you should do if you miss your lost ex girlfriend! Come on!

1: Eat sandwich filled with banana and peanut-butter!


Hmm… Oh my God! The top-level endorphin-booster. This is the best option to gain new power (fat) and self-confident. You should eat it all day, all night and you will be a really happy man (hippopotamus) very soon.

2: Learn japanese language!


If you want to be a real Casanova and want a new girlfriend, you should learn japanese language I think. It is a very important language nowadays when girls often watch anime series everyday and hentai everynight and if you know two words in japanese then you will be the coolest man in their eyes.

3: Be a bodybuilder because it is cool!


Yeah, you read it well. Nowadays most of the people think that the life of a bodybuilder is very easy and brainless. If you think that too then you should be a bodybuilder! You should eat chicken, oat-flakes and use medicines to keep up. Women will love you, you will be rich and happy (dead).

4: Ride an elephant!


Riding an elephant is a very cool and very very brave (idiot) thing I think. If you want a woman then you want to show her that you are the best and you are the master of everything (nothing…). If you feel that is right for you then ride an elephant now! No matter where you are. You can catch one in the nearest circus.

5: Drink tea with lemon!


This is my favourite. The non-plus ultra what I do after every break-ups. The nicest thing. You can do it alone and you can do it with a friend or in groups. Just boil the water, make the tea and drink it! It is not so difficult. I think you can(‘t) do it.

So, this is the end of our article about girlfriends and relationships. Thank you for your attention and I hope that you will have a nice day because of it!