Mind awake body asleep. It sounds very nice in Mr. Robot but I think the real version of this quote must be this: Body awake mind asleep. Just as me. Just as almost the whole humanity.

Now I want to refresh your mind and send you a “wake-up,, signal. No, not a LAN wake-up signal. Remember! As the protagonist said in the Moon: ,,We’re not programs Gerty, we are human!”. That’s a really important statement nowadays when we often forget about being humane. When you see starving, catastrophes, dead people in television, what do you think? Do you think anything? Do you want to help them? Do you just look at the television as a brainless sheep or do you see people? Do you care about it? Do you feel anything? Are you a real human or a machine? You must decide it!


You mustn’t be a machine! You shouldn’t forget about your humanity. You will rise and we will rise too! All true people will rise against this corrupted society and recreate the world, reboot the system and make (write) a better! We don’t give tips, don’t give anything. We just want you to learning to see.

This short article is just an introduction of a huge series. A great series called BrainHack. If you want to see more of our creations, just like this post, send comments, share it with your family, friends! Let’s open their eyes quickly and after it we will see the real reality!