Have you ever wondered why the system administrator is the biggest brain hacker? I’ll tell you…

Nowadays practically everything is done through networks. One day this workplace network, another day and another, depends on what kind of work we have. But whether it’s a restaurant, open WiFi, administrators will always be there.

You Are Being Monitored
The administrator is not evil

The system administrator controls the networks, which in some cases have some security software or defense hardware. With these, he can control incoming and outgoing traffic. Alright. This is how he can tell what you see. Be it about anything. You can filter the inappropriate content or ads easily.

Virtually everything knows about you. Which device you connected to the network, which web page you opened or what you are downloading. With these abilities, he is a perfect observer and good judge of character.

Whether it’s home internet, ISPs also have an a system administrator. They can easily filter traffic. Or let’s just open a specific content for you.

But there are workplace rules (and laws) that can not be broken by your system administrator. Even though he is a man, he can make the same mistake as you are. Yes, you are sitting in front of your computer and reading this post.

And if you still open other content on your work computer, you’d better open it from your own smartphone with a mobile internet. Or if you log in to the system administrator’s network… find you… because he is a god.

Of course, they have good qualities as well. Because it blocks you from harmful content, so it protects you. If you have trouble and call him, he will help you solve your problem. Whether you can help with coffee, turn on the projector or even clean the toilet bowl. Because he’s still the god.